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Several Pricing Structures Are Available Including:

- Per Event Pricing : Snow Plowing Services will be performed and charged at a single rate for any given snowfall amount, regardless of how long the storm endures, up to a maximum event window of 24 hours.  Salting and Calcium will be charged at a pre-application rate.

- Per Push Pricing : Services will be performed and charged at  rate that equals the agreed contract price reflecting the amount of snow on the ground at the time of service.  This type of structure works well for establishments that have high traffic, such as retail plazas and banking branches.  Salting and Calcium will be charged at the pre-application rate.

- Seasonal (Flat Rate) Pricing : Snow Plowing and Ice Control Services will be provided at a single rate indicative to an all  inclusive contract. This pricing structure may or may not include a seasonal snowfall "cap" before reverting to another pricing structure, such as "Per Push".

* Poudre Valley Snow LLC.  will only consider seasonal arrangements for customers willing to commit to a 1, 3, or 5 year contract.


 We specialize in snow removal and ice management.  We pride ourselves in being efficient and timely, which solidifies our reputation for being and industry leader in providing:

- On Time Services

- Competitive Pricing

- Highly Maintained Equipment Fleet

- Customized Maintenance Programs

- Specialized Pretreatment Applications

- Personalized Weather Warning & Alerts



Poudre Valley Snow Company was founded by owner Jerry Switzer who sports over 18 years in of Contract Services and Commercial Management expertise. We have remained an industry leader in snow and ice management for a vast number of various commercial properties.

"We are dedicated to our clients, and continually educate ourselves in the latest technology and products to achieve out pledge of excellence!" - Jerry Switzer, Owner